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Restore a Complete Smile with Dentures

If you've suffered extensive tooth loss or your teeth are beyond repair, you don't have to live with the consequences of an incomplete smile. Dentures have been used for generations to replace lost teeth. New materials and technologies provide a more comfortable fit than ever before. At Queensville Dental, we will rebuild a beautiful, functional smile that you'll be proud to share with the world.

Why Choose Queensville Dental for Dentures?

  • High-Quality Materials
  • Advanced Technology
  • Natural-Looking Results

Who’s a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Extensive tooth loss can take its toll on how you eat and speak as well as your self-esteem. Having a smile you can be proud of can make all the difference, and people who smile frequently are generally seen as more confident, friendly, and trustworthy than the people around them, which can make it easier to make social connections or seize professional opportunities. Luckily, Dr. Goldberg can provide you with high-quality dentures that are incredibly lifelike and comfortable. Contact our office today to learn more.

Effects of Missing Teeth

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Tooth loss is an unfortunately common problem, and it can be caused by factors like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral injuries. In addition to lowering one’s self-esteem, the loss of many teeth can lead to facial sagging, difficulty with chewing, trouble with speaking, and even further oral injuries or infections. The teeth are designed to share the burden of chewing with one another, and the loss of one can cause the others to bear more force than they can handle, which can lead to injuries and more rapid erosion of the enamel. To make matters worse, extensive tooth loss can make it much harder to enjoy the wide variety of tasty foods that the body needs for adequate nutrition.

What Qualifies You for Dentures?

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Almost anyone can receive dentures to treat their extensive tooth loss. The patient will need to have sufficiently healthy gum tissue and jawbones as well as a commitment to proper oral hygiene. Dentures can be partial or full, and which one is right for you will largely depend on how many teeth you are missing.

While dentures are generally more affordable than other tooth-replacement methods, some patients may receive dental implants to hold their dentures in place, creating a sturdy hold that maximizes stability during chewing and speaking.

Alternative Tooth-Replacement Options

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While dentures are both incredibly comfortable to wear and so fantastically lifelike that casual observers won’t even notice them, other tooth replacement options such as bridges or dental implants can be better choices for some patients.

  • Dental bridges are used to replace one or several missing teeth in a row. They consist of a few dental crowns which are usually anchored to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. However, some patients have their bridges supported with implants.

Dental implants are the ideal solution to tooth loss because they are surgically placed directly into the jawbone and host lifelike dental crowns that work just like real teeth. They require the patient to have healthy jawbones, and while they are more expensive than traditional dentures, they are permanent.

Types of Dentures

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There are more options than ever to treat tooth loss. After examining your mouth and learning more about your preferences, your dentist will recommend either:

Partial Dentures

Lower partial denture

A partial denture can treat consecutive and non-consecutive tooth loss if you still have a few healthy teeth. Prosthetic teeth are set in a gum-colored base to fill the gaps from those you've lost. The base has a metal framework, which allows it to clip or clasp onto your teeth to stay in place.

Full Dentures

Upper and lower full denture

A full denture treats an entire arch of lost teeth. An impression of your mouth is taken to create an acrylic base that will hold your replacement teeth. It rests on top of your gum tissue and is held in place using suction.

Implant Dentures

Implant-supported upper denture

Implant dentures differ from any other treatment because they replace both the roots and the crowns. 4 to 10 implant posts are surgically placed into your jaw to act as new roots. Your denture is attached to the post using abutments to create the next best thing to your real teeth.

The Benefits of Dentures

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Tooth loss is more than an aesthetic issue. It can affect your mental health, general wellness, and quality of life. You can't put a price on the benefits you'll gain by replacing your missing teeth, like:

  • Improved Confidence: You'll enjoy higher self-esteem because you won't be worried about the gaps in your smile. Not to mention, treating tooth loss can take 10 years off your appearance, so you'll always look and feel your best.
  • Better Oral Health: You can avoid common issues caused by tooth loss to prevent costly procedures down the road. You'll improve your oral health while reducing your future dental expenses.
  • Improved General Wellness: You will be able to eat a variety of foods to maintain a balanced diet to support your overall wellness.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Our office uses the best materials to provide long-lasting results with the right aftercare.

If you're ready to invest in a complete smile, take your first step by scheduling a consultation. Request an appointment through our website or call (289) 272-9013.